NetGalley Basics

One of the biggest challenges authors face is how to get a book noticed. This is especially challenging if you are a new author and this is your first book. The market is so saturated, and it often seems that unless you have unlimited time and money, your book is likely to get lost in a sea of new titles. In recent years, various web services have popped up to help authors gain traction and build a buzz before their book is released. One such service, NetGalley, helps promote and publicize forthcoming titles to reviewers, bloggers, journalists, librarians, and booksellers, among others. NetGalley can be a cost-effective way to reach a growing community of “professional readers” who can read, review, and recommend your title(s). The website also offers an array of marketing opportunities, furthering your potential reach and visibility.

How it Works

After setting up an account and creating a NetGalley presence, authors and publishers upload their titles, along with associated marketing materials, and get their books in front of readers and reviewers with just a few clicks. Reviewers can then provide feedback (reviews, ratings, and more) about the book. While this is predominately done before a book is published, it is not limited to forthcoming titles, so authors can list a book at any point in its lifespan.

The reviewers are not required to provide feedback or a review, but there are many avenues through which they may help promote the book. With the click of a button, they can simply post the review to all of their social networking sites. They are encouraged to post their reviews to blogs and other mediums.

Any feedback submitted about the book will go directly to you or your publisher. When a reviewer sends feedback, it is shared with the publisher or author as a courtesy. NetGalley does not automatically post or publish reviews, but does offer authors the chance to add positive reviews to NetGalley title details pages.

What it Costs

Authors and publishers can list their title(s) one of two ways:

  • A per-title listing fee. This is best done if you only plan to list one or a few titles. This can cost anywhere between $450 – $700 for a six-month listing, depending on what package you choose (some have marketing components, for example).
  • A subscription package. This 12-month agreement is a cost-effective option for those who publish at least 10-15 titles per year. Subscription clients also receive a Publisher Profile page which houses all of their titles, including those previously on NetGalley, but now for sale.

Other Benefits

NetGalley conducts regular marketing promotions with a variety of options to choose from. These range from participating in an e-blast, becoming a featured title on the website, or being included in their newsletter, among other activities.

NetGalley suggests that authors keep in mind that a title will have the most success on NetGalley if authors use the service to complement their overall marketing and publicity efforts. One way NetGalley can help accomplish this is with their email invite widget, which helps authors drive traffic to their titles within their existing promotional activities.

NetGalley’s tagline is “we help books succeed.” While no service – free or paid – can guarantee a book’s success, this one offers decent tools and opportunities for authors and publishers who are hoping to make a splash.

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